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Business Threat Intelligence Monitoring (BTI)

Determined adversaries constantly probe target environments, databases and applications in search of network vulnerabilities or proprietary information to be exploited in future attacks or to sell in the shadow economy.  While it is true that most organizations understand the importance of adopting defense-in-depth across their enterprise, fewer have taken a vested interest in their threat landscape beyond their organizations.  Using proprietary technology that combines advanced machine learning with automatically mined deep and dark web information and expert analysis of open-sources that mirror the approaches used by threat actors, G²S Global can arm corporate stakeholders with contextualized threat intelligence to provide early warning of the most relevant business threats to their organizations and their supply chain ecosystem before they metastasize.  With BTI monitoring, G²S Global passively collects evidence of vulnerable network infrastructure, present and past exfiltration of sensitive intellectual assets and privacy data, as well as strategic insight on precursor activity associated with possible attack planning.

Threat Quantification

As threats grow with the proliferation of data-driven technologies, protecting against routine and targeted threats without disrupting operations and growth is an increasingly important business and financial requirement.  To better provide stakeholders with the information they need to make impactful and far-reaching strategic decisions, a clear understanding of all residual and evolving business threats must be available.  In partnership with leading retail cyber insurance markets, our Financial Impact of Threats™ dashboard and Threat Beta™ analytical solution provide clients with a first-of-its-kind view of statistically derived loss scenarios and the financial impact those contingencies may have on client security, production, and financial operations.

Intelligence Fusion Cells

G²S Global helps clients design, establish and maintain Intelligence Fusion Cells - cross-functional strategic bodies designed to integrate and coordinate diversified business threats from across functional areas of an enterprise and from vendor ecosystems.  Supported by expert collection and analysis of threat information distilled from surface, deep and dark web sources, G²S Global improves corporate security posture by maximizing the value of collected intelligence, improving communication and establishing process coordination among key stakeholders, and continuously monitoring of emerging threats to elevate security as a competitive differentiator.